Who We Are

MANOTHERM  is a manufacturer and provider of Industrial process instruments. We manufacture various pressure instruments, temperature instruments, instrument fittings, instrument valves and manifolds, drilling tools, and mud pressure gauges.


Our pressure sensing product offerings include; corrosion proof pressure gauges, vibration proof pressure gauges, stainless steel pressure gauges, low range pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, drilling gauges and ancillary equipment.


We also supply a large variety of chemical seals, instrument valves, and instrument manifolds, to allow you a complete one stop source for your pressure monitoring applications.


Our products are widely used in a broad range of industries and applications, such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Water, Wastewater, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, HVAC, Food and Beverage, Metallurgy, and Scientific Research.


We carry the most comprehensive selections of pressure and temperature instruments, valves, manifolds, and accessories available, and offer prompt and accurate delivery of your order.


Our team has designed, manufactured, and delivered the highest quality process instruments for more than 20 years. Our specialists have successfully developed many industry leading process instruments. We welcome your special application needs and are pleased to assist and modify the design and construction of our products for your special applications.


For many years, our name has been synonymous with oil, gas and industrial equipment supplied to operators in the USA. Our product range has grown to meet today's ever-changing demands, continuously adopting the latest oil, gas and industrial equipment technology and now we offer these time proven product worldwide.


We have now expanded our product offerings to include additional manufacturer’s lines allowing Manotherm to be your one source provider of pressure and temperature monitoring equipment. We proudly offer the highest quality products manufactured in the United States and from quality suppliers from around the world.



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